The idea of meal planning might seem overwhelming but it is very simple and helpful. To make meal planning 10 times easier you should start by making a meal inspiration plan. This is a list of all meals that you like to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as snacks. Having a list of this will make meal planning every week so much easier and quicker. You won’t have to constantly think about what you are going to make as you will have all the ideas you like written down already. You will be able to just distribute meals throughout the week  to create your meal plan.



They say that grocery shopping when you’re hungry is the biggest mistake you can make and I agree. But the second biggest mistake you can make is shopping without a grocery list. You end up buying a lot of unecessary things that seem appealing but then you get home and don’t really know what to make with them. To make it easier, create your ideal grocery list and tweak it to your needs every week. An ideal grocery list is a list of all of the items you want to buy no matter what. Items you want to consume every week.  When it comes time to shop,  just add the ingredients you need to buy to cook the meals you planned.



Writing down the prices of the items on your ideal grocery list will allow you to budget. You should also have a price list of the ingredients you use to make the meals on your meal inspiration plan. To do this, simply keep your receipts for a couple of weeks. Than sit down and take them all out to create your price list. Finally, write the store where the item is normally cheaper to help you organize your grocery shopping.



Taking the time to look at all the flyers is very time consuming and there is now an easier way to do it. Flipp and Salewhale are apps that allow you to look at all of the store’s flyers in one place directly on your phone or ipad. You can also search for an item and it will show you all of the stores where it’s on sale. Isn’t that amazing!? So you really don’t have any good excuse to overpay for groceries.


All of this may seem like a lot of work but really it isn’t. Creating the your meal inspiration plan, your ideal grocery list and the price list (Once you collected all the receipts) should take you no more than 45 minutes. And that’s a one time thing! After that you will only need to add to them if needed. All that there’s left to do is pick what meals you want to make during the week and look up the sales going on that week on the app. It is a very good investment to make for your health AND your finances.