If you are looking for a simple app to budget every month that is aesthetically pleasing this is something you might want to try out. I am always one to prefer the good old pen and paper to plan things but I also like to have all this info on the go. I have been looking for an easy to use platform to help me budget and also to keep that information so I can access it wherever I am and I am very happy with this discovery so far.

Everydollar has 3 monthly tabs: Planned, Spent & Remaining. This is probably my favorite feature of it because not only is it easy to plan your budget but you can also see how much of it you are spending throughout the month and what is left at the end.

Many apps are made for you to link your bank account to automatically record your transactions. There are many banks that have a policy stating that if anything happens to your bank account it will not be covered if you link your account to this type of app so it scared me from doing it. It does save you a lot of time but the risk is not worth it to me. This app is mainly made to manually enter your transactions but the paid version allows you to link your account if that is what you prefer. Every transaction you enter you get to enter the amount, the name of the merchant, from which budget category it should be taken of and any notes you want to add to it.

Do you have an app to manage your finances? If so, which one is your favorite? I’d love to take a look at it! Also, let me know if you try Everydollar and how you like it. 🙂