Get to know yourself (Stop lying to yourself. Be honest on the type of person you are. Identify your triggers, your blindspots, your strengths, and your patterns.)

Overcome your fears (Write down your 5 biggest fears and start confronting them.)

Read every day (I aim to read a chapter every day!)

Learn a new language (I’m learning Portuguese with Duolingo!)

Start your life handbook (All of the lessons you’ve learned. The tricks and shortcuts you’ve developed. Whatever adds value to your life and you want to pass down to your children.)

Write a letter to your future self (Write a letter for you to open in 5 years. Explain how life is for you right now and what your goals are. Include your hopes for yourself and your life in 5 years.)

Ask for feedback (You can tell a lot about a person by the way they take constructive criticism. You should want feedback to improve as a person.)

Stay focused with to-do lists (I will never stop saying it: Write it down!)

Learn from people (There is something to be learned from every person that crosses your path in life. Look for it.)

Quit a bad habit (Pick the one that affects you the most and tackle it.)

Start a journal (It’s crazy how clearer your thoughts are when you write them down.)

Reduce distractions (This includes TV, social media, YouTube and people.)

Meditate (This doesn’t have to be complicated. Just take the time to focus on your breathing and be in the moment.)

Have monthly challenges (Choose something you want to start doing, improve, or stop doing. Have a review at the end of the month.)

Take up a new course (Have you heard of Skillshare? I started using it 5 months ago and it has really contributed to my learning. Believe me I only pay for services I believe really add value to my life.


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