Do you know the saying “physical clutter is mental clutter”? Well it’s incredibly true! Clutter makes me anxious and really affects my mood. The less clutter there is, the more I can think clearly and the more motivated I am. This month’s ‘Get it together’ series’s life aspect is HOME. To welcome spring properly and be able to focus on what’s important, I have started decluttering my life as much as I can. I will be doing a little every month to make sure it doesn’t add up.  I have decided to start with all my electronics as they are the ones I declutter the least often but use everyday. Decluttering can get overwhelming so I have broken it down into small steps.

Day 1: Cellphone apps

I love apps. There are apps for almost everything you need. My problem is that I always download all the ones that might be useful for certain occasions but end up using them very rarely or never. I download so many with the same purpose but don’t use them all and still keep them “in case”. Yes I’m that person. For everything. I like to plan and be prepared but sometimes it’s too much.

Day 2: Cellphone contacts

You know that place where you took a yoga class you didn’t like that one time? Or that girl from high school you haven’t talked to in 10 years? You don’t need those contacts in your phone. That’s what Facebook and LinkedIn are for. I am all about networking and having many contacts in your phone but it is about quality not quantity.

Day 3: Cellphone pictures

You want to know what person I also am? The picture hoarder. I had more than 5 thousand pictures in my phone. One third were screenshots of things I wanted to lookup or remember. Another third were quotes. (I am obsessed with quotes). And the rest included things like the 37 selfies out of 38 that weren’t good enough to post. Declutter your camera roll. Keep the ones you like the most or the ones you really need, delete the useless ones and put the rest on your computer or on a hard drive to keep.

Day 4: Computer desktop & files

  • I love a clean desktop. But somehow it slowly starts filling up until I can barely see the background. I like to only have 4 folders on my desktop: Work, school, personal and current. (Current things I am working on or use daily.) Make sure to categorize all the documents you have on your desktop into these 4 folders. Or name them whatever works best for you. But keep it to a minimum.
  • Now that you have cleared your desktop, it is time to go through your 4 master folders and get rid of all the files you do not need. You probably will not be using that school assignment you did your first semester of college. If you really want to keep it, store it on a hard drive. This will not only help you access important things faster but it will also clean up some computer space.
  • Having the 4 master folders is great but if everything is cluttered inside of them it’s not really useful. That is why you have to go into each one of them and separate everything into sub-folders. This might be my need to have everything organized talking but having it that way will make it a lot easier for when you are looking for something specific.

Day 5: Updates

I am guilty of ignoring updates on both my phone and my computer. Apparently committing to not being able to use your device for the 20-30 minutes it takes to update is hard to do. Stop ignoring the update reminder and just do it. Do it while you are in the shower, reading, watching your tv show or eating. And if you are the type of person that doesn’t do it because you don’t want the software to be different, just accept it. Change is inevitable. Learn to adapt and do the update. 🙂