Fear is part of life.

Lately in life I have faced fear more than ever. I have literally been fighting for my life. I don’t think there is anything scarier than that. I have also faced fears in regards to my future, school, work, a long distance relationship and most importantly my health. Having cancer has taught me a very important lesson: to never let fear control your decisions. See when you have this type of disease, you don’t really have a choice to go through all the medical procedures because what is on the line is your life. So if we suck it up and push through whatever scares us in a life or death situation why wouldn’t we do it when what is on the line is our happiness and/or our future. Not doing something or doing something that compromises your happiness just because you are scared is very cowardly. I have learned that trusting your gut is extremely important. When you do what really makes you happy, things always work out for you. This does not mean that you will not struggle and that there won’t be hard times, but it means that in the end, it was the right thing to do and you will be so proud of yourself for pushing through the pain and making it.

I am a VERY strong believer that absolutely everything happens for a reason. Most of the time, you don’t know what that reason is right away but believe me one day you will. I have many experiences with that. I wasn’t fulfilled with my job and was a little lost with school. I was pushing myself hard for the wrong things, was stressing about everything and not eating properly. Cancer for me was what put a stop to all of that. It has changed my way of viewing many things. When I wasn’t able to get my final treatment because of an infection, it meant that the following week my boyfriend was able to be there with me for my final treatment. These are only two examples of curveballs I have been thrown for a reason. You might think something really bad is happening and wondering why it’s happening but it is always for a good reason. If you can’t find it look for it or simply let it come to you.

If something you want scares you, it is the biggest sign that you should do it. If something scares you, it means that it will challenge you and make you grow as a person. Years from now you will be so incredibly happy that you did it. And then you will move on to your next life challenge. Be scared if you need to. Think about it a little, write down what scares you, find a solution to those things and then just go for it. You will figure it out. It will all be ok in the end. Just NEVER let fear control your decision.