Once you have determined how you want your life to be, it is important to know which steps you need to take in order to get from your Current self to your Best self. We hear so often how important it is to have goals in life but the most important thing is to take the right steps to achieve them. Here are the next steps to take:

First, in a notebook, write each category of the Current me vs Best-self exercise.

• Health
• Financials
• Career/work
• Education
• Personal growth
• Relationships
• Family
• Adventure
• Home
• Everyday routine

Secondly, use what you have written under each category in the Best-self page and create goals.

Thirdly, after identifying all of your goals, you will want to have an action plan to accomplish each and every one of them. That is why I created a  Goal worksheet  to break them down and make it easier to put it all on paper.

Finally, use the second page to keep yourself accountable and to review how things went.

Half of the work when wanting to accomplish things is the planning. The second half is going ahead and going through with them. Now start planning!