In my last post, I let you in on how I felt something was missing in my life before my cancer diagnosis. Once I realized what areas of my life I was unhappy with, I had two choices: wait it out and hope things would change or take control of my life and change them myself. I decided it was a sign from the universe telling me I needed to do something about it.

Making life changes is always easier said then done but nothing is impossible when you are ready to put in the work. The question was: what now? I knew I was unhappy and I had figured out what aspects of my life I was unhappy with but I hadn’t yet figured out how to changed them and what exactly I wanted them to be. That is when I decided I was going to tackle each individually and turn them into something great. Before doing that, I had to determine what I wanted them to be. This is the exercise that helped me figure that out.


Current me vs Best self

This is inspired by an exercise I found on one of my favorite YouTube channels called Lavendaire. I have modified it a little to my liking and to my needs. This exercise will help you acknowledge what your current situation is and how you feel about it as well as put on paper what the best version of yourself and your life can be.


Needed material:

  • A notebook or a blank paper
  • A black pen
  • 10 different colored pens (This is only if you want to separate each section with a different color. You can use any pen!)


1.   First of all, you want to divide the paper into two sections: Current me and Best self.

2.   Secondly, draw yourself in the middle of each section. In the Current me section, draw yourself how you are at that moment. Stay true to how you are dressed and how your hair is. Now I know we are not all artists so do your best. (Ignore my poor drawing skills!)

3.    In this third step, it is important to be 100% honest with yourself. Keys words are important. On the Current me side, write what your current situation is for the following 10 areas of your life:

  • Health (Includes exercise and nutrition)
  • Financials
  • Career/work
  • Education
  • Personal growth
  • Relationships (Not only romantic relationships but with everybody in your life)
  • Family (If you have your own)
  • Adventure
  • Home
  • Everyday routine

Make sure to not only write what is going on in your life but also how you feel about it. Also, feel free to adapt this exercise to your life situation.


4. Once you have put down on paper what your life looks like right now, it is time to write what you want your situation to be if you had the choice. Because you do have the choice to turn it into whatever you want. For those same areas, write what you want them to look like. Having that on paper will put it out into the universe as well and in your mind.

Doing this exercise showed me the gap between where I am and where I want to be. The next step will be to figure out the steps I need to take now to get to my best self. We all know about the importance of planning for our future. We hear about it from our parents, school, and financial institutions since we are young. What nobody tells us about is the importance of planning for our present. It is what we do today and every day that will set the pace for our future.