I have believed in affirmations for a long time now and use them to make things happen for myself. Although many that work for me can also work for you, I think it is important to create your own because no two people are the same.  Having personalized and specific affirmations are much more effective than general ones. There is no set amount needed it all comes down to what works for you. It is important to know these affirmations will not work unless you put in the work to make things happen. This is not some kind of magic that will just make things appear but simply a tool to change your mindset and engrave in your brain what you want.


For this exercise, use the goals I created in each category of life from last post.From those goals, you need to turn each of them into an affirmation as if it’s already happening for you. Here are mine as examples.



I am an active person.

I eat a plant-based diet.

I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.

I moisturize every day.

I am fertile.

I meditate every day.


Personal growth

I volunteer.

I am organized.

I am patient.

I constantly work to grow as a person.

I read every day.

I do my best to help others every day.


Everyday routine

I make time for myself every day.

I always plan my next day in advance.

I have an established morning routine.

I have an established nighttime routine.



I am making money by doing what I love in life

I am growing my blog.

I am creating my own planner.

I am finishing my course on interior design.



I am learning something new every day.



I have multiple streams of income.

I follow my budget.

I am paying off credit card debt.

I have savings and an emergency fund.

I have small investments.



I constantly work on strengthening my relationships with family and friends.

I do little gestures for others.



I am planning a trip to London.

I check off an item off my bucket list every month.

I take at least one vacation every year.



I am planning to move out on my own.

I am designing my dream home.

I get rid of all unnecessary ‘stuff’.

I donate what I don’t use/need anymore.


Make sure to carefully create each affirmation as those are the things you will read every day and engrave in your brain. It is important to choose what you want to attract very well. Now put them somewhere accessible so you can read them every day and work hard to get them.