If you are even just a little into personal growth, you have definitely heard about vision boards. I had been hearing about them for a long time before I stopped procrastinating and created my own the proper way. A good vision board requires planning and time but is so worth it.

Here is the material I used to make my vision board:

  • A solid cork board (You can use a white cardboard or any other type of board.)
  • Black acrylic paint (You can choose any color paint you prefer or none at all.)
  • Scissors
  • Glue 
  • The pictures representing your life vision


There is not much science to making the vision board but it does require planning. I decided to follow these steps to create one that fits perfectly with what I want in life:


  1. I used what I had written in the ‘Best self’ part of the Current me vs Best self exercise and put visuals to it.
  2. I took every goal I wrote and looked for a picture representing it on Pinterest. You can also get pictures from magazines or other places online.
  3. I printed the pictures and separated them by life area.
  4. I went and bought all the material necessary to create the vision board.
  5. I painted the corkboard black and decorated it.
  6. I pinned the images to create the final result.


After creating the vision board, it is important to place it somewhere where you will see it every day. The danger in this is it can blend into your environment and not impact you anymore. Make the conscious choice to spend a good minute looking at it every day. Renewing your board every 6 months or once a year will ensure that you attract what you really want in life. Our vision constantly changes and we are never the same person we were a year ago.